Aymara – A Baby Alpaca from Debbie Bliss

I’m in love with my new yarn, Aymara, I know there are other baby alpacas around but this is a stunning one. The first thing I noticed on swatching was that it was perfect for colour work which is why I commissioned Rosee Woodland to work on some ideas for a multi coloured circular yoke sweater. She came up with the fabulous design that is on the cover of the booklet, fashion forward but still a sweater that you will want to have in your wardrobe for years.

Debbie Bliss Aymara – Juno Jumper

Debbie Bliss Aymara – Toby Jumper

There are some children’s and men’s designs in the Aymara collection too, my son-in-law sports stripes and cables while nephew Dave favours the colour block sweater.

Debbie Bliss Aymara – Dave Jumper

There are some smaller accessories here, a beautiful cowl and fairisle scarf created by Chloe Thurlow, a fashion knitwear student from Nottingham Trent University who was on a work placement with me for 6 months.

Debbie Bliss Aymara – Fiona Scarf

Debbie Bliss Aymara – Agnes Cardigan and Beret. The striped beret is perfect to use up the yarn left over from the contrast yarn used in this child’s fairisle yoked cardigan.


On location in East London.

I wanted to create a rustic theme but still have a lightness and delicacy to the backgrounds. The ponds and woods in the area of East London where I live were just right, the reflections on the water, bullrushes and long swaying grasses created the perfect backdrop for the knits.

There are ten designs in the Aymara collection and sixteen shades, ranging from the classic neutrals to woodland greens and jewel like brights.

aymara shades

My next posting will be about Iris, the new yarn in my Pure Bliss range and Gigi a great new mohair yarn from C and B.  See you then!

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  1. Angus Bates says:

    Would the circular yoke pattern be suitable for men’s sizing? If not I think you’re missing a trick by not offering a classic like that design for men.

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